There are important moments, days and occasions in a student’s life for example the success card season in Kenya where every form four national examination candidate anticipates to receive success cards alongside cash in the envelope from friends and family.

Giftboxx is a wallet where students receive Centy tokens from their parents, friends and family. The wallet is connected to the Centy card which enables students to enjoy the gifts while in school. The wallet can also be accessed through the app.

Centy tokens are Cash gifts for students to spend at the school canteen, redeem as airtime or save in their Centy wallets.

A new kind of way to express love and care. A platform enabling connections for family and friends with their members in school.

Don’t miss out on these special days and moments for your kid. Giftboxx allows you to send success cards and cash (Centy tokens). The card will be delivered in school with a special message and Centy tokens in their cards for them to spend at the school canteen or withdraw.

You can buy success cards from the online Centy Store and top up Centy tokens. The cards will be delivered to your child in school in three working days while the tokens are recharged instantly to their Giftboxx wallet. You can share a link to friends and family to buy success cards and send Centy tokens to your child.

Get centy app from the playstore or appstore