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The Centy Card

The Centy card is for students in boarding high schools of age 11 to 18 years.

The easiest way to enable students receive pocket money from their parents while in school, secure the pocket money, purchase snacks at canteens and instill a saving culture for a better future

Parents feel secure that their kids will not run short of pocket money even when away in school

Get your child a Centy card now.

Your financial inclusion starter pack - The Centy wallet

Centy wallet enables students to receive pocket money. This encourages them to manage their pocket money comfortably because:

  1. No charges on cash deposits at Centy agents and via MPESA Pay bill

  2. Zero purchase charges at canteens

  3. Favorable saving plans customized for students to utilize in the future and during emergencies

  4. The withdrawal rates are low

  5. Easy to track your spending and to help you on budgeting


Giftboxx is a wallet where students receive Centy tokens from their parents, friends and family. The wallet is connected to the Centy card which enables students to enjoy the gifts while in school. The wallet can also be accessed through the app.

Centy tokens are Cash gifts for students to spend at the school canteen, redeem as airtime or save in their Centy wallets.

A new kind of way to express love and care. A platform enabling connections for family and friends with their members in school.


“Centy has made life easier. It has given me peace of mind because I’m no longer worried about my son who is miles away in boarding school. I can take care of his financial needs without a thought about wastage in a touch of the button”

Millicent, Nairobi

Centy Store

Purchase: Success cards, Birthday cards, Birthday cakes, Motivational exam cards, Graduation cards and redeemable gift tokens to spend at school canteens or supermarkets.

Purchase a gift from the Centy store and surprise your kid on that special day, moment or occasion!

It’s simple purchasing gifts on the Centy store.


Our Pricing

New Card registration



per card

Card Replacement



per card

Card Maintenance Fee



per month

"Mtoto umleavyo ndivyo akuavyo"

The best decision you can ever make for your child is three steps away.

Step 1

Download the Centy app.

Get centy app from the playstore or appstore

Step 2

Open an account in a few minutes.

Open your centy account in just a few minutes

Step 3

Top up Centy card via

Use Mpesa to quickly top up the centy card with cash

The best cash management app

Simple, Fast and Secure top ups and withdrawals.

Reduced loss of cash through theft.

Reduced rate of illicit behavior such as sneaking.
Card can only be used at school

Student financial literacy skill enhancement

A cheaper alternative - low priced wallet transfers.

Two factor authentication and biometric login.

User friendly interface.

Real time notifications

Reminders on top up when card balance is low.

Set up a saving goal for automatic savings.

Lock card remotely in case of loss.

Access balances and statements.

Purchase gifts on app

Redeem gift tokens to cash

Purchase airtime.

Purchase supermarket shopping vouchers.

Wallet transfers

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